Aurelia-config is an aurelia plugin that allows you to load and configure plugins in a normalized manner.


Using this plugin you can make it a lot easier to allow for configuration using IoC.

For plugin developers

You can allow app developers to configure your plugin through a simple config object. The way you expose it is simple: export an object literal called config, and give it a namespace / key to use. This is the same object your configure() function will receive upon plugin-configuration time.

// your-plugin.js

export function configure(aurelia, config) {
  // config is pojo

export {
  /* you need to namespace your defaults */
  'your-plugin': {
    /* This is your (optional) default config. */
} as config;

Now app developers can use this config. Keep on reading to figure out how.

For app developers

In stead of using .plugin() for every plugin, you only use it for the aurelia-config plugin. Aurelia-config will register the rest of the plugins, using the corresponding namespace segment of your exported default config (if existing) merged with the appConfigOverwrites.

// Example config
let appConfigOverwrites = {
  'aurelia-api': {
    endpoints: [
      {name: 'api', url: ''}
  'aurelia-notification': {
    baseClass: 'custom-notifications'

// Configure function
export function configure(aurelia) {
    .plugin('aurelia-config', configure => {
      return configure([
      ], appConfigOverwrites);

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